The Residential Automatic Sliding Door System

AutoslideA convenience to some, a necessity for others.

Autoslide is an automative sliding door system which can be attached to your existing indoor or outdoor manual sliding doors, enabling them to open and close automatically.

Entertaining just got a whole lot easier.

No more putting down and picking up big plates of food every time you need to go outside.

How does Autoslide work?

Autoslide is a compact DIY system, consisting of a motor, electronic controller and a low-voltage power supply, encased in a sturdy, aluminum slim-line housing. The automatic opening of your sliding door is then activated by wall-mounted, wireless push buttons which are installed on either side of the door. Infrared sensors are also available as an option, so you don’t have to use buttons.

Sliding screen doors.

Autoslide fits to almost all sliding screen doors too. No more flies and mosquitoes entering or kids leaving the screen door open.

No need for costly, unsightly pet doors

With “Pet Mode” your pets can come and go freely without any human assistance. And with the additional pet sensors, you can program Autoslide to open specifically to your pet’s size.

Easy access for those with special needs

Autoslide greatly improves access for the elderly or disabled and people who live with assisted living.

Internal sliding doors

The Autoslide system will fit to most existing or new internal cavity/pocket sliding doors. Autoslide creates super easy access between the garage and the house or any rooms inside your home which have sliding doors.

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